4 Eye-catching Packaging Designs to Increase Sales

Imagine you are walking down the street and see a custom-designed cigarette box. You stop in your tracks to look at it, then turn around and buy that product! Companies use custom-made packaging to make their product look good. For example, they might use different colors or shapes. It makes the product more appealing to buy because it is different than other products. We will share one of many creative design techniques used by businesses today to increase sales. However, some products are age-restricted and challenging to sell, like cereal.

Companies have used design to influence the buyers. They use custom pre roll joint packaging boxes for cigarettes and pre roll joints. We are going to mention some attractive designs to improve sales for you. You may apply these techniques to any product. Specifically, these techniques work great for vape or pre roll.

The custom designing of cigarette or pre roll boxes is a great way to boost sales. These custom designs are eye-catching and make the product stand out from competitors. The packaging that you put around the joints is a good idea because it will help companies sell their products. This is a creative idea, and I will give you some tips about better market your products with attractive designs. Many cigarette companies attract their customers with their new ideas for packaging.

Let us discuss some of the eye-catching techniques that indeed got the potential to boost your business.

4 Attractive Packaging Designs:

Below you can see some design techniques to give you some ideas to redesign your product.

1- Use Flat and Simple Pattern:

The best way to attract buyers is by using a flat pattern because it has no confusing elements. It’s also easier on the eyes and will allow your customers to have a more pleasant experience. While most packaging is simply the same design in every way, this company has taken it up a notch by adding some much-needed flair with stripes.

A flat pattern on all of your brands will highlight your product. Whenever someone sees any of your products, they know it’s the same best company. You should not use any other form. Overwhelming to the eye and difficult for customers to identify your product from others on a shelf. This company has taken it up a notch by adding some much-needed flair with stripes. A flat pattern is easy on the eyes, which means you can attract more buyers.

2- Use All Available Space:

Better use all available space on your packaging. You can use space for your company logo and name, product features, keywords to describe the product. However, all of these aspects must be attractive so buyers can’t resist buying from you. Companies today have discovered creative packaging designs which will help increase sales.

Do not fill out all the space around the box. This company has taken it up a notch by adding some much-needed flair with stripes. A flat pattern is easy on the eyes, which means you can attract more buyers.

A box design like this will make your products stand out, and producers note these innovative ideas to boost sales in their companies. When you’re designing a package, use every inch of space that’s available. This box uses the inside to make it seem like an upscale product. It has paper on the inside to ensure that it looks good and that people will want to buy it.

3- Make a Simple Looking Packaging:

Simple boxes also got some attraction in them. Did you know that Apple is trying to make a sturdy box? They are designing friendly and easy packages. The feather illustration and bright colors contrast the earthy brown packaging design on this label.

The earth tones are a solidifying factor that sends an honest, down-to-earth vibe to customers who want organic products. This recipe is different from others. It uses ingredients like wheat flour and watermelon seeds.

It would be best if you focused on what you want to deliver to customers. Identify the goal of your packaging design. What do you want your customer to think or feel after they look at it? Is this a premium product, an affordable option, or just eye candy?

4- Use Bright Colors:

What color palette would you use for a product? Is it earthy, fresh, bright, or neutral? The answer to this question will dictate what colors you include in your custom design. For example, if the goal is to create an organic feel with natural ingredients, earth tones are fantastic.

You can use browns and greens throughout packaging designs and all around the box. You can use two different types of color tone techniques. Analogous: These colors relate to each other and work well together. The green in this photo will go well with the browns, as they have a very similar tone.

Complementary: This is when you use two different colors that contrast on opposite sides of the color wheel.

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further. This bright packaging is an excellent example of using the colors in your product on a package design. This candy company does this with its popsicles. The different colors make it easy to tell what flavor each bag has without flip through all of them. And using an accent color from that same popsicle makes it even better.

How You Can Improve Vape Business Sales:

Vape is a tricky business, and these products fall into hard to advertise product category. Packaging for this product is the best selling point these days. Packaging plays a significant role in the success of any product. Products with good quality and pretty packaging might not do as well as expected without custom designs. They need to be eye-catching to consumers.

One way the custom design will help your vape business is by creating an attractive prer oll joint box. Making custom cardboard boxes for pre roll joints has improved styling capability for companies. You can use the custom pre roll joint box to help your vape business. It is an attractive packaging design that will catch the eye of consumers and make it easier for companies to have custom cardboard boxes with designs on them.

You can get this styling from custom packaging companies. We will mention one best company to help to get started.


If you’re looking for a way to increase your product sales, take note of these eye-catching packaging styles. It is good to use attractive designs on your vape packaging. This can help your business with more money from customers.

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