5 Mistakes Students make in IELTS and end up scoring Low Band

IELTS is considered the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration and is trusted the world over. It is basically taken to check the level of understanding of the English language. It helps develop English language skills needed as one of the requirements to gain entry into a foreign country for the purpose of education, checks accurate knowledge of English skills and eventually opens up career opportunities. The test score is accepted by educational institutions, governments and businesses in English-speaking countries. If you are preparing for IELTS, you need to understand that a band 6 may not be acceptable in top colleges and universities of Canada, Australia, UK or USA. So you need to score a band of 8 or 8+ in IELTS if you are aiming for top universities of the world. That’s why more and more students are enrolling for the top IELTS institutes in Chandigarh like Western Overseas.

Let’s confess it it’s not easy to score 8+ band in IELTS but yes you can do that if you prepare well with expert guidance and work on these 5 mistakes that most of the students have made in the past and ended up below the score of 6 band.

1. Grammatical Errors:It is very important that you work on your English especially because the examiner evaluates you in IELTS speaking and writing on the basis of your sentence structure, grammatical range and fluency of vocabulary and words. If you are making a lot of grammatical mistakes in your practice sessions, we advise you to take a Reality Test conducted by Western Overseas before you sit for the real IELTS test. 

2. Lack of Confidence: An examiner not only judges your grammar or your command over English language, but also how confident you are while speaking. So rather than choosing rote learning for some common answers that are asked in the speaking section; we advise you to practise in front of mirror and be natural while answering. Memorised answers create a wrong impression and reduce your IELTS score.

3. Lack of Practice: This is one of the main reasons why students end up scoring below 6 band in IELTS exam even if they are good in English and or are educated in one of the best convent schools of India. You might not score well in IELTS if you have not practised. That’s why it is important to attend IELTS training sessions with one of the best IELTS training institutes in Chandigarh where you will be trained by expert faculty and will also get numerous practice tests based on IELTS format. 

4. Time mismanagement: Like every other test, IELTS score also depends on how you manage your time during the test. So keep in mind that IELTS Listening section has 40 questions from 4 sections and you have to answer them in 30 minutes while IELTS reading section is to be done in 60 minutes. Reading section has 40 questions divided in 3 sections. In IELTS writing section, task 1 is to be done in 20 minutes and task 2 in 40 minutes. You will score well in all these sections only when you plan your time and answers properly.

5. Ignoring Vocabulary:In every English proficiency exam, you are judged on the basis of your vocabulary and that’s why it is important that you should start a journal and write 10 new words with their meanings and usage every day. Practising synonyms and antonyms is also a good way of enriching your vocabulary.In order to avoid all these mistakes and to score 8+ bands in IELTS, the best foot forward is to join an IELTS Training Institute like Western Overseas which is famous for its comprehensive and scientific way of preparing students for English proficiency tests.