Here are ten ways to beat the Instagram algorithm

Beat the Instagram algorithm

In 2016, Instagram migrated from a reverse-chronological feed to an algorithm-based feed for displaying content. The change resulted in a decrease in content reach. Many Instagram influencers felt their engagement and impressions were decreasing with comprar seguidores instagram portugal every new post.

Even though Facebook limits your content reach, there are still ways to get exposure. This article will explain the critical elements of the algorithm as well as how to use it to increase engagement on your Instagram account.

What is the algorithm for Instagram?

Instagram’s algorithm is a collection of algorithms, classifications, and processes that analyze thousands of data points. These are called ranking signals. They are based on the user’s browsing patterns. The algorithm uses four ranking signals to rank content visible in your account. These are the four ranking signals:

  • Information about the post
  • Information about you (the person who created the post).
  • The activity of your audience
  • The history of interactions with you by your audience

These ranking signals define:

  • The order in which posts are ranked in your newsfeed
  • Explore tab: These are the posts that were featured
  • The order in which stories, reels, and Instagram TV videos rank.

Instagram’s algorithm determines the reach of your content. You can read our complete guide to find out how each ranking signal is broken down.

How can you beat Instagram’s algorithm?

You want to make the most of these insights to increase your exposure on Instagram. Here are ten places you can start:

1. Establish a relationship and set expectations

You can beat the algorithm by winning your followers’ hearts. Your business will determine what that content looks like.

You should set aside time to create a customer persona. Also, research the success stories of other companies in your niche and how their content resonated with them.

Finally, choose the content type you will create. You want to get people to visit your account, regardless of whether they see it in their feed.

User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to engage your audience. UGC is any content that customers or users create and make available via social media. You need to search for it. To automatically pull this media, you can start by looking at the most popular brand mentions and fans.

Delta Airlines shares travel photos of customers to encourage its followers to visit their dream destinations. This encourages interaction in the comments and excites the brand’s followers. Real people like them are being celebrated by Delta Airlines. This is how you want to build a relationship with your audience.

2. Post at the Right Moment

Post content when your audience is most active. This is the second simple way to increase your reach. You can determine the best time to post content by looking at when people are most active on Instagram.

Analytics tools such as Pixlee can determine when your audience is most active on Instagram. Then, you can run tests to determine which times get the most engagement.

3. Identify Super Users

Engaging with super users is a great way to increase your Instagram following. These are your greatest fans. They are the ones who comment and like most of your content. This can be done in many ways.

Ask them if they would like to be part of a community offering exclusive content and connecting with others with similar interests. Most people you reach out to with this offer will not respond.

Some will, however.

Engaging and strengthening relationships will help you increase your chances of being found on Instagram by people who like you and are interested in your content. Your super users will be more likely to respond to your content.

Revel Nail, a cosmetics brand, seeks out its most passionate customers via Instagram. They express their appreciation for the content and ask permission to use it for brand purposes. A simple request can create a community.

Even the user replies, “honored!” Very few companies and users spend time engaging their followers and building relationships. They post content. You’ll be noticed if you take the time to do this. This is important for a platform such as Instagram, where many people try to imitate other content creators.

After generating the engagement, it is essential to continue building on it. Engage your audience regularly to increase the organic reach of your content.

Online community platforms can be used to spread the word about your content, get people to comment, and save it. You can also respond to comments. Your Instagram algorithm score will rise if you interact with your followers more.

4. Correctly Use Hashtags

Use relevant hashtags in every post to increase reach. Using hashtags in your posts will get you more engagement than those that don’t. Use the right hashtags. Don’t just throw a bunch of them in your caption on Instagram. You risk alienating your followers and appearing scammy.

Nulo Pet Food shares UGC with a happy customer who shared it with his furry friend. The caption used both brand-related hashtags and petcare hashtags.

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It would be best to list relevant hashtags for your business to use hashtag marketing effectively. Then, start measuring hashtag analytics.

5. Use platform-friendly images

Making “great content” is key to ranking higher in followers’ feeds. Though this may be subjective, the most loved and viewed content on Instagram is often visually striking or aesthetically pleasing. It is vital to keep your profile consistent.

Milani Cosmetics’ Instagram account is an example. Users scrolling through their Instagram feeds notice the brand’s bright colors and shimmery undertones.

Remember that Instagram is an aesthetics channel, not a selling channel. It would help if you reflected this in the content you share. Integrate your content seamlessly into your audience’s feed with relevant and striking content that adds value.

6. Your Captions can add value

The most crucial factor in Instagram’s algorithm is engagement. Engage your followers by using fun captions and asking them questions.

Encourage interaction on Instagram. HYLETE, an athletic apparel brand, encourages interaction by sharing customer photos to celebrate the brand community and asking questions at the end.

For example, tag-a-friend and question-based captions are great ways to get people to interact. Conversations encourage connectivity which will help you grow and build your community.

7. Prioritize Videos (with Captions)

Videos are more likely than photos to keep users from scrolling past posts. It would be best if you focused on short-form videos to increase engagement and communicate more information in a shorter time. Instagram Reels allows you to post videos no longer than 15 seconds long.

Anyone can access these videos at any time. They will remain in your feed as well as in your Reels tab. Instagram Stories can run for up to 15 seconds but are deleted after 24 hours. IGTV allows longer clips to be posted and can also be found under your profile’s TV tab.

Videos can be used for many purposes. Videos are more dynamic than images because they show movement. Kickass Workouts offers its products in action with the brand’s apparel. This allows viewers to see how each component is used in one post.

8. Host a Social Media Contest

Other than posting quality content, there are many ways to drive engagement. For example, hosting social media contests can be a great way to drive engagement. It doesn’t need to be complicated. For instance, you could post a photo and ask for comments.

You can also ask your fans for pictures of them engaging with your product in a specific location or doing something similar. This will give you great UGC and allow you to get a reward or feature.

Breck’s Gardening Brand encourages gardeners to post photos of their gardens and receive a gift certificate. This strategy enables customers to share pictures of their gardens in exchange for a gift card.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to give away a lot of money. A simple feature on your Instagram account can be enough to encourage people to take part in your contest. You can also offer discounts and free samples.

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9. Reply to DMs

Another way to increase your audience engagement is to respond to direct messages. You will earn the trust of your audience by taking the time to reply to every message. You’ll build trust with them, and they’ll be more likely to promote your brand on Instagram.

It doesn’t take too much to appreciate the simple things. A simple thank-you will suffice if they compliment you.

You can thank them for raising an issue with a product and promise to take it up with management. Once they have resolved the problem, don’t forget about them. You can say “Good morning” if they are saying it.

People want to feel heard. I trust you if you make them feel this way. They will return the favor in spades.

10. Invest in Influencer Marketing

Influencers are another way to get your content in front of a large audience.

You can get influencers to write about you. This will automatically make their followers more aware of you and your brand. These influencers can have millions of followers.

This is a lot of reach, and it’s possible to engage with many people. Micro-influencers are often less costly ways to generate engagement because they have smaller audiences and are more engaged.

It is vital to ensure that you are working with an influencer who shares your brand’s interests. It doesn’t matter how much exposure your brand gets if you choose the wrong influencer.

Yes, you’d get more views, but that wouldn’t translate into sales. Finding the right influencer partner is crucial to your success.

Alexa Matthews (@eatingnyc), a foodie on Instagram, posted and mentioned Levain Bakery’s delicious cookies to more than 300,000. See how Levain uses influencers within its geographic area.

The first step to gaming the algorithm is to focus on the four most important Instagram metrics that impact your posts’ reach.

The best way to ensure your content is seen every time is to create content your audience likes. Focus on building relationships with your audience and delivering relevant and high-quality content.


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