Best Logitech Gaming Mouse

Picking out a gaming mouse can be a pretty tough choice to make. Especially for people who are just getting into the hobby. Logitech is a company that makes this process a bit easier, as it manufactures mice of all shapes and sizes, and for all purposes. But given the variety of choices, its catalog is pretty long, so I have taken it upon myself to find out which is the best Logitech gaming mouse of them all. The company, however, does not entirely focus on gaming mice or simply mice in general. They make a whole array of products, from speakers to cameras, and of course gaming gear.

Since its founding in 1981, Logitech has become a household name, in fact, there is a good chance that at one point in your life you have owned a Logitech product, I know I have. I remember when I was a child, I had this little Logitech mouse that did wonders for me, actually, I think it’s still alive in my parent’s basement to this day.

Despite the fact that my family and friends consider me a Razer fanboy, I still respect and love Logitech as a brand. They make some amazing mice for all kinds of people, unlike Razer who only focuses on pro-gaming peripherals. Even the Logitech gaming mice, themselves are one of a kind and top of the line, on par with Razer, heck, some might even surpass them.

These companies can be considered the two major superpowers of the gaming world, with Corsair and SteelSeries following closely behind. But none can compare with the rivalry between Razer and Logitech, with the companies constantly trying to one-up each other and vigorously being compared online. This has led to a breeding ground for innovation and progress in gaming mice.

For every Basilisk V2 there is a Logitech G602, for every Razer Deathadder V2 there is a G Pro. No matter which company you prefer, you cannot deny that they both make amazing products, I have already made a list of the best Razer gaming mouse, so if that is more your thing go for it. But if you are a Logitech fan, or are simply curious to know what is the best Logitech gaming mouse is, then join me for the ride.

10 Best Logitech Gaming Mouse in 2021

  1. Best Wired Mouse – Logitech G502 HERO
  2. Best Wireless Mouse – Logitech G502 Lightspeed
  3. Best Budget Wireless Mouse – Logitech G305
  4. Best Mouse for MMO and MOBA Gaming – Logitech G604 Lightspeed
  5. Best Mouse With Custom Control Buttons and Macros – Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  6. Best Mouse for Versatility and Customization – Logitech G600
  7. Best Mouse for FPS Gaming – Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED
  8. Best Gaming Mouse for Comfort – Logitech G403
  9. Best High-End Mouse – Logitech G903
  10. Best Mouse Overall – Logitech G Pro Wireless

10 Best Logitech Gaming Mice Reviews

If I had to describe Logitech in one word, it would be ‘variety’. Whether you are looking for the best Logitech gaming mouse or simply a good office mouse you won’t be disappointed. But with that comes a slight problem, Logitech has so much variety that it can be hard to narrow down all the best gaming mice. That’s why I wrote this review to help you find the perfect one for you whether you are looking for a mouse with a flawless sensor or simply one with an extra button. Logitech has it all.

1. Logitech G502 HERO – Best Wired Mouse

The first of the identical twins, the Logitech G502 HERO is a wonderful mouse with a flawless sensor, futuristic design, and a partner the likes of which you have never seen before in your whole gaming experience. That is to say, yeah, it’s kinda good.

Now there have been a couple of G502 interactions in the past and if you are familiar with them, then you know what this mouse looks like. Exactly like a dark, angular spaceship.

The gaming mouse has a matte black finish on top, on the primary buttons, and on the textured grips as well. While glossy plastic is used to divide sections and make the extra buttons shine, the build feels sturdy overall and will definitely last you a while.

Speaking of studs, this gaming mouse has a total of 11 programmable buttons. Of course, you have your typical right-click, left-click, and a scroll wheel, which in this case is metallic. But behind it, there is an extra button that adjusts the scroll wheel resistance and a battery indicator.

Just at the end of the left-click, there are 2 buttons that are meant for DPI adjustment. Below them are 3 more; 2 thumb buttons and a dedicated sniper button which lowers the DPI when held. The button layout is similar to other G502 mice and doesn’t feel too cluttered.

The gaming mouse itself is a bit on the smaller side, which means it might be uncomfortable for people with large hands. But if you are using a claw grip then you probably won’t feel much of a difference with a bigger mouse.

When you flip the mouse over you will find an additional compartment that can store up to five 3.6 g weights, so you can adjust the heftiness to your liking.

The G502 Hero runs on the Logitech gaming software, also known as the G Hub. It enables you to reprogram the buttons and store them in the on-board memory, as well as make different profile settings for different games. You can also adjust the RGB lighting for the DPI indicator and the Logitech logo on the palm rest. The Hero might not be too flashy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display your favorite color combinations while kicking ass.

The gaming mouse runs on the Hero 25K optical sensor, which has a 1,000 Hz polling rate and 1ms response time with a DPI range from 100 to 25,600 with zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration. In layman’s terms, the mouse is as precious as gaming mice get. I tested the Logitech G502 Hero in Overwatch and World of Warcraft, and I decided to try out Rogue Company for the first time. The mouse performed flawlessly in the FPS titles, the tunable weights were actually pretty amazing additions, and so was the scroll wheel resistance. My favorite part of this mouse, however, has to be the sniper button. Thanks to it, I brought Tracer to her knees in Overwatch as Windowmaker and carried the game as Phantom in Rogue Company, or at least I like to think I did. However, the mouse stumbles when it comes to MMO games such as WoW, for no other reason than the lack of buttons, the option of having a G-Shift function, like so many other Logitech mice do, would have been a welcomed addition. But sadly without it, I can not in good conscience recommend this mouse to hardcore MMO gamers. Everyone else though should give this mouse a shot.

2. Logitech G502 Lightspeed – Best Wireless Mouse

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is one of those mice that just stick with you. My best friend actually owns this mouse and she is wholly in love with it, from the design to the wireless technology and performance. When I asked her what exactly did she love most about it, she simply responded, “Idk, just think it’s cool” which is a fair answer, but we are going to go a little more in-depth in this review.

The wireless mouse has a large, right-handed, ergonomic design with textured grips on both sides and a curved thumb rest. Its bulky form means that the mouse is not meant for people with small hands, which is sad because I won’t be able to incorporate it into my daily life. The look of the mouse is angular and futuristic, and it strangely makes you feel like you’re going to hyperspace. I wish I could tell you why, but maybe that’s just me.

The gaming mouse has a total of 10 programmable buttons. You have your right-click, left-click, a scroll wheel of course, but right below it is a small button that adjusts its resistance. I simply love when companies include this feature, it’s surprisingly useful and from what my friend tells me, I am not the only one who thinks this way.

There’s another stud beneath the scroll wheel resistance button that checks the battery level and there are a pair of studs that adjust the DPI settings sitting neatly sitting at the edge of the left-click. Below them are 2 large thumb buttons and the so-called ‘sniper button’ that lowers the DPI when held. There is a lot of stuff going on with this mouse, but the button layout makes everything flow smoothly.

When you flip the wireless mouse over, you will find an on/off switch and a small, circular compartment that simply pops off. This is generally where the wireless dongle is kept. However, you can put in the PowerPlay battery here if you have it so that the mouse can charge wirelessly while playing on a dedicated mouse pad. But if that’s not your thing, you can also store up to 2 additional 4-gram weights. The small, trapezoidal weights are pretty easy to remove and put in, especially when compared to older models.

The G502 Lightspeed, of course, comes with the Logitech gaming software which allows you to reprogram all the buttons to your liking, and store them in the on-board memory. You can also program a second set of commands known as G-Shift, which you can access by holding a dedicated button of your choice, thereby doubling the number of weapons in your arsenal.

Unlike most gaming mice, this wireless mouse does not have a ton of RGB lighting available, in fact, the only part that glows and you can change the color of, is the logo on the palm rest.

Other than that, the biggest and most important feature of this mouse is its wireless technology, which is flawless by the way.

The wireless performance was impeccable in my experience, whether I was deep into a gaming session or simply surfing the web, I experienced no lag or latency issues whatsoever. The wireless mouse itself can last up to 48 hours between charges, that is to say if you disable the RGB lighting and remember to switch off the mouse when not in use.

I would also like to put in a good word about the sensor. Known as the Hero 25K, it is capable of 400+ IPS tracking speed and up to 25,600 DPI. In my experience, it was extremely responsive and precise.

I tested this mouse in Rogue Company where I bombarded the enemy teams as Dima, and of course, in the all-time classic World of Warcraft, where I got back into my Draenei paladin. The tunable weights of the mouse are perfect if you want to lighten the device for FPS games, and the G-Shift function makes this an MMO mouse as much as an FPS one. I would definitely recommend the G502 Lightspeed to anyone who is seeking a general gaming mouse, that is if they don’t mind the price.

3. Logitech G305– Best Budget Wireless Mouse

If you are like me and don’t want to murder your wallet for a wireless mouse, then this is the place for you. The Logitech G305 has no fancy futuristic designs, no over-the-top RGB lighting, and no unnecessary features. Instead, it’s a simple slick mouse that gets the job done.

This wireless mouse has a smooth, comfortable-looking design with a ridged scroll wheel, slim thumb buttons, and no wasted space. It is perfect for both palm grip and claw grip users and is lighter than most wireless mice out there. There are a few minor downsides though; first, the mouse has no RGB lighting, but I don’t see that as a problem, unless you are a hardcore glowing mouse fanatic, which, do those even exist? Another is that this mouse, while symmetrical, does not have thumb buttons on the right side, meaning lefties will have to look elsewhere.

Speaking of buttons, the G305 has a total of 6 programmable buttons, the left-click, right-click and scroll wheel, beneath which is a DPI adjustment button, while 2 slick thumb buttons decorate the left side. It’s true that this mouse might be lacking in terms of studs, but I don’t see that as a major problem unless you are a hardcore MMO or MOBA player.

When you flip the mouse over there is the on/off switch and a small compartment that stores the wireless dongle that connects your PC to your mouse, but sadly there are no tunable weights here.

As for the connectivity, well it can reach over 10 feet in case you want to game in the living room. I experienced no issues with latency or lag, whether I was in my gaming chair or on the couch in the living room. Similar to its more expensive cousin G502, this mouse has amazing wireless connectivity as well. The problem lies in the fact that you can only connect via a USB dongle, while most other mice, including the equivalent Razer mouse, have Bluetooth connectivity available.

Another gripe I have is that this gaming mouse is not rechargeable, so it runs only on AA batteries. Now Logitech claims that the battery life will last up to 250 hours, which by my estimate is about a month. Even so, you will need to buy a new AA battery every single month.

As for the optical sensor, it might not be the best but it’s pretty darn good. The G305 runs on the Hero sensor and it has a DPI range from 200 to 12,000 with zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration.

You can adjust the DPI with the dedicated button or by simply going to the Logitech gaming software, where you can also program the different buttons and create up to 5 profiles that are stored in the onboard memory.

I, however, made only 3 profiles for Rogue Company, World of Warcraft, and Civilization VI. The mouse is fast and perfect for FPS games, I had a blast running around and taking pot shots as Lancer. The mouse also worked well enough with Civilization VI, where I conquered the world with my Gallic empire, and yes, I also go for a domination victory. However, due to the lack of buttons I can not recommend this mouse for any hardcore MMO players, if you are more of a casual fan though, then all is well.

4. Logitech G604 Lightspeed– Best Mouse for MMO and MOBA Gaming

So far in this review, I have covered two gaming mice that I would never recommend to a hardcore MMO gamer. So it’s time for something different. The Logitech G604 Lightspeed gaming mouse can become your sword, shield, or great ax. It has button versatility that makes it perfect for MMO and MOBA gaming.

This Logitech gaming mouse has an ergonomic design, with an all-black chassis, textured grips on both sides, textured palm rest as well as a thumb rest. The mouse is comfortable to hold and perfect for claw grip and palm grip users, but I would not recommend it to anyone with smaller hands.

Now onto arguably the most important part, the programmable buttons. This wireless mouse has a total of 15 studs, such as your left and right-click and a metal scroll wheel, which also tilts from side to side. Beneath it are 2 more buttons, one of which adjusts the scroll wheel resistance, while the other switches between wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. At the edge of the left-click button are 2 more buttons marked with a plus and a minus sign that adjust the DPI to your liking. Other than that 6 thumb buttons line the left side, although their layout takes some getting used to, the buttons themselves are reasonably spaced and you will almost never misclick when casting spells.

Now, as I review this mouse I can’t, in good conscience, continue without mentioning its similarities to the Logitech G602. While the design of both mice might be similar, the Logitech G602 lacks Bluetooth connectivity, whereas the G604 has both that and a USB Dongle. Using the dedicated button, you can connect it to your PC via the dongle and then instantly switch to Bluetooth, which can connect both to your laptop or tablet.

Problems arise, however, with the battery, as the Logitech gaming mouse only works with AA batteries and does not have a rechargeable one, like most other wireless mice. Now Logitech claims that the battery life will last you up to 240 hours with the dongle, and up to 5 months with Bluetooth. Sadly since that’s such a long time I did not have the opportunity to test it, but I am willing to take their word for it.

Other than that the G604 comes with the Logitech gaming software, which you can use to program buttons, including the activation of a certain G-Shift function which essentially doubles the number of commands at your disposal. Normally you could also use the G Hub to adjust the RGB lighting, but since this wireless gaming mouse has none, there is nothing to adjust.

The Logitech gaming mouse runs on the Hero 25K optical sensor which gives it a maximum DPI of 25,600, with zero smoothings, filtering, or acceleration and 1:1 tracking. The sensor is precise and flawless no matter which game you are playing.

I tested the optical sensor in League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Smite, and Overwatch. The mouse worked smoothly on all the titles. In League of Legends, I kicked ass with my favorite character Master Yi, and the thumb buttons were a big help although there is a learning curve. The mouse was also perfect when I carried the game with Odin in Smite and in WoW, I had constant access to my spells. The mouse stumbled a bit in Overwatch, however, due to its heavyweight. All the buttons and features on this mouse, don’t make it suitable for the lightweight world of FPS games. But if you are searching for an MMO mouse, it will be a great partner in your wireless gaming endeavors, and I would definitely recommend it.

5. Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse – Best Mouse With Custom Control Buttons and Macros

Jumping straight into the Logitech G602. This wireless gaming mouse was released way back in 2013, making it one of the oldest on the list. Despite that, it still manages to reign at the top with newer, arguably more advanced mice. Its design, however, has long since gone out of style.

Frankly speaking, the design of this mouse is bad and was bad even back then. This wireless gaming mouse is a mix of black and silver plastic. There is a thumb rest on the left side and the rubber palm rest in the middle is surrounded by the previously mentioned silver plastic, which is unnecessary and looks out of place. The mouse is perfect for a palm grip or a claw grip but is not recommended for people with smaller hands.

The Logitech G602 has a total of 12 buttons, 11 of which are programable. You have the primary ones, the right and left-click, the scroll wheel, and 6 additional thumb buttons which are arranged in two rows, and 2 more DPI adjustment studs on the edge of the left-click. The only button that can not be programmed is the so-called “endurance” button, right beneath the scroll wheel.

This button allows you to toggle between performance mode and endurance mode. The latter is meant for conserving battery life, while the former exchanges that for better precision.

Once you flip the mouse over you will find the on/off switch as well as a small compartment for the 2 AA batteries. Now you can play with only 1 battery if you want to reduce the weight, but that would not make much of a difference and the life of the mouse will be cut in half.

Logitech claims that when the 2 batteries are in place the mouse will last you for about 240 hours but if you switch to endurance mode that number jumps to 1,440 hours. Since I had no way of testing it so I can neither confirm nor deny this, but it does seem like a large leap.

Like every mouse on this list, the G602 comes with the Logitech gaming software known as G Hub. Which allows you to change the customizable buttons, DPI, or create and store game profiles in the onboard memory, nothing you haven’t heard before. Sadly, however, you cannot change the flashiness of the mouse as it does not have RGB lighting.

The Logitech G602 actually uses a laser sensor, which means it can work on glass. It has a minimum DPI of 250 and a maximum of 2,500, with a 2.4 mm minimum lift-off distance, which is much higher than the other entries. This means that the sensor will track your movement even when you are repositioning it. The maximum polling rate is also much lower than the other entries at just 500Hz, which drops to 125 Hz when in endurance mode.

I tested this mouse out in Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While the extra buttons were a big help in Overwatch and WoW, I noticed a bit of lag between my movements and the cursor on the screen, this happened in all of the games. This is due to the low polling rate, but unless you are a mouse fanatic like myself, I don’t see it as being much of a problem. As for the connectivity, it was pretty good and I did not have any problems there, although the mouse does lack Bluetooth.

6. Logitech G600 – Best Mouse for Versatility and Customization

Now here is a mouse that has stood the test of time. The Logitech G600 has been a wonder since it was released, so much so that for years it was widely considered the best Logitech gaming mouse for MMOs, that is until the G604 came around. Despite this, the G600 has remained a wonderful example of versatility and customization.

The Logitech mouse is perfect for those of us who prefer a palm grip style whereas, the fingertip and claw grip users might find the mouse a bit uncomfortable to hold. The ergonomic design is tall and hefty, so it’s not the best fit for smaller hands. Other than that, the design is pretty standard with RGB lighting only illuminating the thumb buttons on the mouse.

This gaming mouse is actually quite well-built. It’s covered in hard plastic and has a nice smooth finish. The mouse also has a solid fall to it and nothing appears to be loose or wobbly. As for the feet, well they are slightly above average but other than that there is nothing special about them. Problems arise with the braided cable, which honestly could have been better. The cable feels rigid and stiff, and the drag it creates is certainly noticeable, at least to me. But then again, it could have been worse.

Now, let’s look at the main features of this Logitech mouse. There are a total of 20 buttons on the mouse, 18 of which are fully programmable. As always we have the typical right and left-click — in this case the only 2 buttons which are not programmable — and of course the scroll wheel. Behind them are 2 more buttons, one for the DPI settings and the other a dedicated G-Shift stud. When you look at the mouse from the side, you will find 12 more customizable buttons, these are your MMO partners.

Now, the G600 comes with the Logitech gaming software, which can store 3 game profiles in addition to the 3 in the onboard memory. Using the G-Shift switch will allow you to essentially double the number of buttons at your disposal from 20 to 40, as it activates a second set of commands when held.

The G Hub will also allow you to change the RGB lighting on the thumb buttons as well as the DPI on the mouse if you have chosen to keymap the DPI button on the mouse. Which honestly I don’t see why you would do that since, for me at least, adjusting the DPI on the fly is a big advantage.

The Logitech mouse actually uses a laser sensor, which means it works on glass and other transparent surfaces. The sensor has a DPI range of 200 to 8,200 with a minimum liftoff distance of 1.2 and a maximum polling rate of 1000Hz. The mouse overall feels responsive and I did not notice any latency issues while playing.

I tested this Logitech mouse in Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Outward. The extra buttons were a big help in the RPG Outward, where you constantly need to use spells and potions to survive, and the MMORPG World of Warcraft where I had constant access to my abilities. The mouse, however, stumbled in the FPS Overwatch due to its heavy design. By all intents and purposes, this mouse was not made for the fast-paced world of first-person shooters, but I will definitely recommend it to any hardcore MMO player, even if the cable creates a bit of a drag every now and again.

7. Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED – Best Mouse for FPS Gaming

Jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other, we have the Logitech G703 Lightspeed. Unlike most gaming mice, who have fancy and futuristic designs or are cluttered with buttons, the G703 chooses to keep things simple. Instead, it focuses on the fundamentals of what makes a good wireless gaming mouse.

The design is simple, or as some would say ‘classic’. The mouse has a curved ergonomic shape with a glowing logo on the palm rest and rubber grips on the side, which blend in so well you can barely notice them. Both the logo and the scroll wheel have RGB lighting, although it is not too overwhelming. The Logitech mouse has a slightly bulky build and is perfect for a palm grip, good for a claw grip, but fingertip grip users might have to look elsewhere.

The mouse is built excellently, it feels solid and sturdy. The comfort will of course depend on your grip style, that is to say, it will be comfortable for anyone using claw and palm grips.

The mouse feet are above average and will slide smoothly on most surfaces, even if you don’t own a mouse pad. Now, this may be a wireless mouse, but it does have a wired mode and here the braided cable is better than other high-end wired mice. It’s extremely flexible and I did not notice any drag when I was testing it out.

As for the buttons they are equipped with mechanical switches and are satisfying to press, not to mention that they are pretty quiet, so you won’t be waking up your roommate in the middle of the night. The gaming mouse has a total of 6 programmable buttons. The 3 main ones, right-click, left-click, and the scroll wheel with an additional DPI button behind it, and 2 thumb buttons.

Using the Logitech gaming software you can do all the standard stuff, keymap the buttons, adjust performance settings, program macros, and change the RGB lighting. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

But this is a wireless mouse after all, so how does it hold up in that department? Well, as mentioned before you have a long cable which you can use to play and charge the mouse at the same time, as known as the wired mode. You also have a small USB dongle for when you want to play on the couch. The mouse, however, does not have a Bluetooth connection.

The battery life will last you for about 35 hours with the RGB lighting on and around 60 with the lighting off, personally, I like my mice to glow so I would go with 35 hours. But, if you buy an additional PowerPlay battery, then you can have your wireless gaming experience without any interruptions, as long as you play on the dedicated mouse pad.

The optical sensor of the mouse has a DPI range from 100 to 25,600, with a minimum lift off distance of 1.2 mm and a polling rate of 1000Hz.

I tested this mouse in Overwatch, Rogue Company, and World of Warcraft — because why not. It performed admirably in both FPS titles, and I had a blast running around and flicking headshots with Soldier: 76 in Overwatch, and flanking the enemy as Lancer in Rogue Company. Although as you might have guessed I would not recommend this mouse to hardcore MMO players.

8. Logitech G403 – Best Gaming Mouse for Comfort

At first, this mouse might appear similar to the previous entry on this list, the G703, and that is because, well, it is. The Logitech G403 design is kept mainly the same as the G703, with a few key differences, the major one being that this gaming mouse is wired. I mean why fix what is not broken?

The design and the button layout are essentially the same as the G703. It has a matte black finish with a pair of glossy thumb buttons. The side grips also have a matte black finish and they blend perfectly with the rest of the mouse, to the point where they are almost unnoticeable. The only RGB lighting on the mouse is on the scroll wheel and logo.

Like the G703, this mouse is perfect for people who prefer to use palm grips and claw grips, not fingertip grips though. The mouse is comfortable to use for all hand sizes and doesn’t cause any fatigue during those long gaming sessions. But sadly this is not an ambidextrous mouse, the ergonomic design is built only for right-handed people.

The G403 is entirely made out of plastic and is the sturdiest gaming mouse I have ever used. The buttons are equipped with mechanical switches and feel satisfying to click. The mouse feet glide smoothly on any surface, just like they would on a mouse pad. The braided cable is another beauty in and of itself, it’s flexible, doesn’t restrict your mouse movements and I barely noticed it in my gaming experience with this mouse.

The gaming mouse has a total of 6 programmable buttons, the 3 main ones, right and left-click, and the scroll wheel with an additional DPI button behind it, and 2 thumb buttons. The scroll wheel is rubbery and notched, making it perfect for long scrolling sessions. The mouse buttons have a click latency of 110 ms, so there won’t be any noticeable delay from mouse to screen. All of the buttons are silent, so you can use this mouse late at night without any problem.

When you flip the mouse over you will find a small compartment right below the optical sensor, at the tail end. That plastic compartment can store a single circular 10 gram weight if you need extra heftiness. The weight is easy to remove and the panel simply pops off, but there is no danger of it falling out during a gaming session.

This gaming mouse uses the Hero 25K optical sensor, which means it has a DPI range from 100 to 25,600, with a minimum lift-off distance of 1.2 mm and a polling rate of 1000Hz.

I tested this mouse in my favorite games, Overwatch and Outward, as well as some more mainstream ones like CS: GO and Call of Duty. The mouse was fast and precise in all the titles and I barely noticed the cable. I was able to bring the enemy team to their knees as Reinhardt in Overwatch and get some headshots in both CS: GO and Call of Duty. The mouse also performed admirably well in Overwatch, this is the game I spent the most time playing, and generally, when I pass the hour and a half mark I have to stop and stretch my arm, with this mouse time just flew by, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seeking a more comfy device for those long sessions.

9. Logitech G903 – Best High-End Mouse

Do you want a mouse that’s different? A mouse that is blazing fast and has a unique look and feel to it? Well the Logitech G903 is the one for you. Before I start, I would like to say that I have been using the G903 for a while now and it is amazing. I am extremely happy with it, everything from the design to the performance fits neatly together in this lightweight mouse.

The ergonomic design is sleek and feels smooth as hard edges define its appearance. The gaming mouse is made out of solid plastic and has latex grips instead of the typical rubber. This mouse is best suited for a claw grip style, with the palm grip being a close second. The best part is you don’t have to worry whether you are left handed or right. Unlike most other mice that claim they are ambidextrous but are simply symmetrical, this Logitech mouse has true ambidexterity. The G903 has a total of 11 programmable buttons. The right and left click and the scroll wheel are all there, along with the so-called free-wheel button, and 2 buttons for the DPI, the right being the scroll wheel itself. Now here is where it gets interesting, there are 4 thumb buttons in total, 2 on the left side and 2 on the right, all of which are removable. The thumb buttons are kept in place by magnets and depending on which hand you use you can remove one side and keep the other, of course, you can play with all 4 thumb buttons if that’s more your thing. All of the studs are equipped with mechanical switches and the tension trigger allows them to be pressed with less force.

Now, this gaming mouse might be wireless but it also has a wired mode. You can plug in the USB cable and play while charging. The cable itself is actually pretty good, it’s flexible and has minimum drag. Honestly, at this point, I have come to realize that most wireless mice have a better cable than most wired mice.

But this is still a wireless mouse and the battery life will last you up to 140 hours on a single charge. I also experienced no lag or latency issues while testing the mouse and there was no difference between wireless and wired modes, apart from, you know the wire. There is one slight issue with the connectivity, and that is that this wireless mouse lacks a Bluetooth connection.

If you want to play wirelessly, but can’t wait for the mouse to charge, then you can use the PowerPlay battery, which is sold separately. It will charge your mouse wirelessly while on the mouse pad.

Like all other Logitech mice, the G903 comes with the Logitech gaming software, which you can use to adjust the RGB lighting and all that awesome stuff, including creating custom DPI profiles for different games.

The wireless mouse runs on the Hero 25K optical sensor with a DPI range of 100 to 25,600 with no smoothing or acceleration. You can also change the DPI setting with 1 to 1 precision so the sensitivity will suit you personally.

I tried this mouse with Sea of Thieves, Overwatch, and Warframe. It worked wonders with all 3 of the titles. When I was sailing the seas it was nice and I conquered the Kraken with my crew in large parts with the precision and connectivity of this mouse. While in Overwatch the two extra thumb buttons on the right side actually made it so that I only used the keyboard for moving around. In Warframe, I slashed the Grineer with fast-paced accuracy, not Clem though.

10. Logitech G Pro Wireless – Best Mouse Overall

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is the culmination of everything that the company has accomplished throughout the years. This Logitech mouse has taken bits and pieces from all the previous devices and combined them into a single gaming mouse — for a pretty steep price.

The ergonomic design is actually rather small and simple. There is nothing too extravagant about this wireless mouse design, and in my opinion that’s a good thing, I like simple and minimalistic looks, but feel free to disagree. The mouse is made out of matte plastic and there is a single RGB logo on the back, and that’s about it.

Now, there is another reason why I like the simple and compact design — one that I have not mentioned before. And that is its portability, you can take this mouse with you anywhere you go and it is perfect for any setting, be it work or gaming.

The wireless mouse is perfect for all hand sizes and every grip style, you also don’t have to worry about being left-handed, as the G Pro Wireless is a truly ambidextrous mouse.

The build quality of this wireless mouse is also excellent. The mouse feet are amazing and slide perfectly well on any table, as they do on a mouse pad. Now, like most Logitech wireless mice, this one has a wired mode as well. The cable of the G Pro Wireless is decent, a bit stiff but I think I’ve seen worse. Given that this is a wireless mouse, the wire is not that important, but I thought it deserved a mention.

This gaming mouse has a total of 8 buttons, out of which 7 are programmable. You have the left and right click, and the scroll wheel. Now, here is what makes this mouse truly ambidextrous, there are 4 thumb buttons in total, 2 on the left side and 2 on the right, all of which are removable, just like the G903.

All of the buttons are equipped with mechanical switches and the click latency is excellent. At 10 ms in wireless and 9 ms in wired mode, you will not notice any lag whatsoever. The buttons themselves are actually a bit loud, but it’s not noticeable unless you are playing in the middle of the night while your roommate is sleeping.

When you flip the mouse over, you have an on/off switch as well as the DPI button. Personally, I am not a big fan of this placement, as I like to have my DPI button available to me at all times, but at least you can still change the sensitivity between games — although why would you do that when you can simply switch between different profiles?

Now with the Logitech gaming software, you can program a G-Shift button, essentially doubling the number of inputs at your disposal. You can also use the G Hub to change the color of the logo on the back and create profiles for any game you want.

The wireless technology is also pretty great. During my testing, I experienced no lag or latency issues whatsoever and the wired mode — although the cable created a little drag — was still pretty decent. Let us now come to probably my biggest problem with the G Pro Wireless and that is the lack of a Bluetooth connection. I am not a wireless engineer but I doubt it’s that difficult to implement, for one would expect to have this feature, especially considering the price.

Other than that the battery life is decent. Logitech estimates that it will last you between 40 and 50 hours, depending on the RGB lighting. The G Pro Wireless also supports Powerplay which is always a plus in my book.

As for the optical sensor of this mouse? It’s the Hero 25K, which offers a DPI range from 100 to 25,600 with increments of 50.

I tested this mouse in the modern classic Overwatch and went back to my roots in Starcraft: Remastered, I also tried it out with my all-time favorite RPG — Outward. The lightweight design of the mouse was perfect for the fast-paced world of Overwatch and the extra thumb buttons were a big help in Outward. Not to mention that I had a blast Zerg rushing some poor fellow in Starcraft. All in all, I will definitely recommend this mouse to anyone who is seeking the wireless adventure of a lifetime.

Honorable Mentions

Logitech is a company that rarely disappoints, it has so many products I love but I couldn’t possibly fit them all into a single article. That’s why I made this honorable mention section, these are the mice that are just as good as those on the list but for one reason or another could not be considered as the best Logitech gaming mouse.

Logitech MX Master 3

The Logitech MX Master series is one that has constantly been improving, and the MX Master 3 is no exception. Its palm and thumb rests are lightly textured and its button layout is nothing short of phenomenal. The Logitech MX Master 3 does a lot of things right and takes a spin on the classical mouse design, however, some people might find this mouse to be too unusual for them.

Logitech G203 Prodigy

The Logitech G203 Prodigy has everything you would want in a gaming mouse. It has Omron switches, a flawless sensor, and of course the most important part, the RGB lighting, and all on a budget! But even though the old Prodigy can’t keep up with all the new optimized and refined gaming mice, it’s still a pretty good all-rounder, especially if you are on a budget.

Logitech M330

If you are looking to game on the go, then this is the perfect mouse for you. It has a compact design and it’s lightweight enough that you will barely notice it. The optical sensor is highly accurate and the wireless connection is flawless. But the mouse lacks some much-needed button versatility.


When reviewing gaming mice, one could easily go down the rabbit hole and spend their life savings on wireless, MMO, and FPS devices. This is especially true when you are looking for the best Logitech gaming mouse. That is because the company has a ton of products both for gaming and the office. I would definitely say that Logitech gaming mice are one of the most versatile in the market.

Luckily I know of ways of testing the mice without actually having to buy them. The best way is simply the fact that I already own the mouse. Gaming has been my hobby since I was a small, small child and throughout the years I have gathered numerous mice, due to the fact that no one in my family likes throwing away technology. So if I want to review a specific mouse, I go through my old collection and if I don’t find it there I ask my brother, friends, or colleagues if they have it and if they could lend it to me. You would be surprised how many mice I have tried and tested this way.

However, if that doesn’t work out, there is always the option to simply rent the mouse for a period of time. This is not ideal as I have a limited time to test all of the features, but it works well enough. But if all else fails, I simply buy the mouse, although this rarely happens.

In the end, I gather all the information and write it down in my little green notebook. Where I go over all the pros and cons of every mouse, every Logitech mouse in this case, and write the review.

Buyers Guide

Finding a gaming mouse that suits you personally can be a daunting task, with so many features and components to consider, it’s natural for a person to get confused, especially if they are planning on buying their first gaming mouse. That’s why I decided to include this buyer’s guide section so that you might get an idea of what to look for when buying a new mouse. However, gaming mice are complex little devices, and so I could not cover everything here, but if you want a more in-depth look at what makes a good gaming mouse.


It might not seem like it, but weight is an important factor when choosing a gaming mouse. For example, FPS games require much lighter mice than let’s say MMO games. That is because the FPS genre is more fast-paced and you need to be constantly flicking your mouse and moving around, which can be a little difficult with a mouse that weighs like a brick. On the other hand, the MMO genre can be a little slow, so a heavier mouse might not be as uncomfortable to use. In general, you can look at it like this; a heavier mouse is meant for accuracy, while a lighter mouse is meant for mobility.

Here are some Logitech mice along with their weights to give you a better idea:

  • G502 HERO: 4.2 oz (121 grams)
  • G502 Lightspeed: 4 oz (114 grams)
  • G305:  3.5 oz (99 grams)
  • G604 Lightspeed: 4.76 oz (135 grams)
  • G Pro Wireless: 2.8 oz (80 grams)
  • G903: 3.8 oz (110 grams)
  • G600:  4.69 oz (133 grams)
  • G403:  3.17 oz (90 grams)
  • G602: 3.77 oz (106 grams)
  • G703: 3.35 oz (95 grams)

Grip Style

A surprisingly important factor for choosing a mouse is the grip style. Depending on whether you prefer a palm grip, claw grip, or the least common of all the fingertip grip will determine which Logitech mouse will be comfortable for you and which will be a pain to hold.

The palm grip is a style where most of your palm and fingers rest comfortably on the gaming mouses, this is the one that I personally use. The claw grip is the one that most professional esports players use. It allows for faster glide movements and is great for flick shots. Finally, we have the fingertip grip which in essence is the opposite of the palm grip. This style is when only your fingers are touching the gaming mouse.

Following are some of the Logitech mice and their grip styles:

  • G502 HERO: Palm Grip & Claw Grip
  • G502 Lightspeed: Palm Grip & Claw Grip
  • G305: Palm Grip
  • G604 Lightspeed: Palm Grip
  • G Pro Wireless: Palm Grip, Claw Grip & Fingertip Grip
  • G903: Palm Grip
  • G600: Palm Grip & Claw Grip
  • G403:  Palm Grip, Claw Grip & Fingertip Grip
  • G602: Palm Grip
  • G703: Palm Grip


There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse, so much so that I couldn’t possibly cover everything in this section. However, I do have an alternative, if you are interested in finding out more about what makes a good gaming mouse.

Final Verdict

Before I end this article, I would like to point out that this is just my own personal opinion. You might not agree with my choice of the best Logitech gaming mouse and that’s perfectly fine, we all have our own feelings on the matter. So, with that being said, I have not one but two favorite Logitech gaming mice.

The G Pro Wireless and the G903. I love the truly ambidextrous design of these mice. I love the flawless sensor and the amazing connectivity. They feel comfortable to hold and are lightweight enough to take them anywhere.

I really like the minimalistic look of the G Pro and at the same time the unique design of the G903. Although they both have their downsides as well. My brother, on the other hand, does not believe that. To him, the G903 is the greatest mouse he has owned.

He loves the design, buttons, and battery life and since he thinks Bluetooth is dead or will disappear in the near future, the lack of connectivity is not a problem for him. I, on the other hand, think Bluetooth will persevere as it always has and it’s a missed opportunity for both the G Pro Wireless and the G903.


What’s the difference between Logitech and Razer?

While Logitech focuses on a variety of mice, from gaming to office and so on. Razer mainly specializes in pro gaming mice.

Do all Logitech mice come with the G Hub?

Yes. Once you buy the mouse you can download the Logitech gaming software from their site and connect it to the device.

Will the G Hub work with other mice?

No. The Logitech gaming software is designed only for Logitech mice. Other companies like Razer have their own proprietary software.

Do all wireless Logitech mice come with PowerPlay?

No. Logitech mice do not come with PowerPlay, you will need to buy the wireless charging system separately. What’s more, is that not every wireless Logitech mouse supports PowerPlay.