Four Tips to Sell (Lots of) More Products on FaceBook

Facebook is an excellent place for small businesses to sell products. (followers on facebook) You have a considerable reach, powerful targeting options, and many tools to ensure success. To find the best mix for your business, you will need to test it. In this spirit, I want to share some strategies to help you get started with Facebook ads or improve your campaigns’ returns.

Facebook ecommerce conversion campaign advertisement

Our Complete Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Ecommerce is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a great foundation. This post is a piggyback on the foundation Akvile posted. I urge you to read it before reading this post.

1. All stages of the funnel can be leverag with conversion actions

You should now be familiar with creating a funnel for your campaigns. (Hint! This beginner’s guide is a must-read if you don’t know the basics of building a funnel with your campaigns.

Facebook ecommerce tips marketing funnel

There are many ways that this could be apply, and I plan to talk through some of them today. But the first thing I want you to know is how you can leverage the custom/standard Events set up with your Facebook Pixel.

Although all campaign objectives on Facebook somehow allow you to sell products, the conversion type campaign is my favourite. I then adjust it based on the sales I see.

This campaign objective has one fundamental principle. It is essential to ensure that you have sufficient conversion volume to feed the algorithm with data. Facebook states that this should be 50 conversions per week. However, I have seen it work with much less.

However, not all companies make 20+ sales per day for every ad in their conversion campaigns.

To get around this, leverage events higher up the buyer’s cycle to help Facebook optimize for actions users take on your site.

If you don’t have enough purchases, go back to “Add Payment Info.” If it’s still too low, consider “Initiate checkout.”

Facebook ecommerce tips events

This is Shopify’s standard implementation. All of these events can be set up automatically by Shopify when you add your Shopify pixel. These actions can bring considerable benefits to your account and are easy to set up on many platforms.

2. From funnel stages, create audiences

The exact steps we use to optimize conversion can be used for audience building.

Consider what you do when you shop online or browse for items. How does your mind shift when you see an item and add it to your shopping cart? How much of a shift does it take to start shopping?

If you are anything like me, you will notice a shift in your relationship with a brand after you have gone through each stage. I prefer to be addressed differently for the following touches.

If you click on the dropdown that defaults at “All website visitors,” you’ll notice a section called “From your events.” Any of these actions can be use to create audiences in the same manner as a URL rule. You can choose the event you wish to develop audiences for and customize the parameters.

3. The platform can be used to locate high-quality prospecting audiences

There are many ways to find people on Facebook that you want to target, but these are my top picks for ecommerce.

Event audiences will be inspir to create lookalikes

Yes, we still use those events from your website for this. 

(buy followers on facebook)  I swear this is the last time I’ll talk about these events.

Once you have created your website user lists, you can develop lookalikes from them on Facebook to search for new users. They will identify patterns in your users, explore the platform for similar behaviour, and then show your ads to them.

This is because you will gain more events, and your lookalike audience will continue to refresh each day.

Your website engagement should not be your only focus. It would help if you kept your engagement on the other platforms in mind. The Facebook platform was design to allow users to interact in multiple ways. This includes liking pages and watching videos.

These users should not be left out of your prospecting strategies. These actions can be as valuable as those taken on-site.

Facebook ecommerce offers many audience options.

These can be used to create lookalikes by creating a base audience with engaged users and then creating a lookalike using it as you would for other website retargeting groups.

Customers interested in similar brands or those of a competitor brand should be targeted.

Finally, avoid lookalike audiences. It can be a great strategy to target users interested in brands similar to yours or supplemental brands.

Not all brands can be target. Therefore, you may want to think of more prominent brands similar to yours. Your ads and products should be appeal to those users who are interested in big brands.

Facebook Audience Insights Tool

You can use Facebook’s Audience Intelligences tool to get an idea of who is following larger brand pages. Add similar brands in the Interests section and analyze the audience segment using the following charts. This will help you determine if it’s a good match for your brand.

Facebook offers the option to create pages.

You can also compare brands you are researching to your Facebook page by adding them to the “Pages” section. This will allow you to see how Facebook categorizes your followers.

You could have a great audience if your chosen brands align with your page followers.

4. Your products should be highlight well and accurately

Your audience’s first impression can significantly impact their decision-making. You can put your products in a positive light and ensure they are relevant to the audience.

Highlight products with ad formats

One image post is the most manageable format for an ad. (followers on facebook)These can be very impactful. There are many other formats you can use to showcase your products.

Carousel ads on Facebook are the same as single-image ads. However, you can display multiple images at once. You have a variety of strategies to maximize the returns on carousel ads. Give them a try, and see if they work for you.

If you have a product catalogue, Facebook collections ads can be significant.

Select “Collection” as your format. Next, you will be asked to create a custom experience using a template or customizing from scratch. Or, as shown below, you may choose “Dynamic formats and Creative.” Facebook will then help you build collections dynamically.

Facebook dynamic ads formats

The text can be customized to show the user a manner that applies to all products in your catalogue.

This can be used together with the catalogue sale campaign objective. Dynamic product ads can retarget users using the products they have viewed or engaged with on your site. It will make your ads more relevant.

Your catalogue is only as good as the quality of your collection and dynamic remarketing advertisements (which we’ll discuss in a second). Your ads and record will become out-of-date, leading to poor user experiences for your audience.

Example of a Facebook video advertisement

Facebook video ads are an excellent way for you to communicate your product’s benefits and show how people use it.

Static images can be a great way to showcase your product. This will grab the attention of users browsing their feeds, but it could be a missed opportunity to establish you as a top option without video.

There are many ways to leverage Facebook video, and not all require high-end creatives. Many low-cost options can help you accomplish a lot.

These Facebook ecommerce tips will help you increase your sales

Facebook is an excellent channel to sell your products online. (followers on facebook) It has been for some companies their lifeline during the pandemic, and it will continue to be so afterward. These ideas should help you make more of your Facebook campaigns and get your products off the shelf.

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