Google October 6 event live coverage: Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch

Google is set to announce the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch today The former two see the company refresh its critically acclaimed Pixel 6 with a more refined design, a new Tensor processor, and better cameras, while the latter is its first foray into the smartwatch market.

We’ve heard a lot from the rumor mill on these two products, and now it’s time to see what Google’s going to offer for real.

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Michael Allison
42 seconds ago

A Tensor-powered Tablet
google october 2022 event live coverage pixel 7 pro watch tablet

The Pixel Tablet is its first tablet with Tensor, and the company says that it’s bringing the best of Pixel to a big screen (too bad it didn’t do this with maybe a laptop or something.)

Powered by Google’s take on Android, it’s the ideal Android 13 tablet and is the best showcase of all the Android 13 large-screen software tweaks — most Android tablets have even slower update rollouts than phones, so this makes sense. It also has a dock so it can act as a Nest Hub. This explains the, shall we say, spartan design.

Google says it feels better than it looks though, we’ll have to hold out till 2023 to find out.

Michael Allison
7 minutes ago

Google announces yet another tablet it definitely won’t kill

Google just announced its first Pixel tablet, the Pixel C! Sorry, the Pixel Slate! Sorry, the Pixel Tablet!

Michael Allison
8 minutes ago

The Pixel Watch is all about health

Enough about design, the Pixel Watch is where Google’s flexing all that money it spent on buying Fitbit. It’s the perfect watch for hyperchrondiacs who want to keep track of their heart rate minute by minute.

On a more serious note, Google also highlights features like ECG support for tracking afibs, fall detection (coming later), sleep tracking, and 6 months of Fitbit Premium.

Google still needs to make a compelling argument for why you should buy this over an actual Fitbit which lasts longer and is cheaper. I’m not sure they have just yet.

The Pixel Watch starts at $350 for the Wi-Fi variant, and $400 for the LTE model.

Michael Allison
13 minutes ago

Someone wearing the Google Pixel Watch.

The Pixel Watch winds back time to 2018 as Google finally debuts a smartwatch packed to the brim with Google functionality.

It looks (to my eyes) fine, but Google’s going to have an uphill battle here as it’s introducing a new hardware platform just weeks after killing another one. Great timing!

Michael Allison
16 minutes ago

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are available for pre-order from today at $600 for the 7 and $900 for the 7 Pro. They’ll be in your pocket next week if you bite! Check out our post above for more details!

Michael Allison
18 minutes ago

Macro is finally here

After subtly ripping on Apple for introducing Always On Display and car crash detection with the iPhone 14, Google added a macro mode to its Pixel 7 Pro. Zoom in on that glass house, why don’t you.

Michael Allison
19 minutes ago

It’s Zooming Time
A Man holds a white Google Pixel 7 Pro in his hands.

The Pixel 6 Pro had great zoom. The Pixel 7 Pro is getting better zoom with an enhanced 5x telephoto camera (the main camera is also seeing zoom updates for both the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro though)!

With digital zoom via Super Res Zoom, you can ger very good 2x Zoom. With optical zoom on the 7 Pro, you can ger 5x. By coming the two, you can get up to 30x zoom. That’s all due to the high camera resolution allowing for better crops and Tensor G2.

Google once compromised on cameras by offering first wide and zoom, and then wide and ultrawide. Now, it’s leaning into using as many lenses as it can before it gets expensive. Though it’s still making excuses for offering 3 rather than 4 a la Samsung’s Ultra.

Michael Allison
25 minutes ago

Wait Blur come back!

The Pixel 7 is getting a new CInematic Blur feature. It’s a lot like the iPhone’s Cinematic Mode, and it means you can get portrait mode like shots when shooting videos.

That’s not all we’re getting for video. There’s 10-bit HDR and voice enhancement. Google’s worked with TikTok and Snap (also YouTube) so that these improvements translate to their respective apps.

Michael Allison
28 minutes ago

Blur Be Gone

Unlike Gen Z users who take blurry photos on purpose, some people actually take them accidentally! Google’s adding a Photo Unblur feature to unblur those photos you took after one too many sherries art the Christmas party. It doesn’t matter if you used an iPhone 4 or Nokia N95 (in theory), Google says the new Unblur feature will work on your photos no matter how old they are.

Michael Allison
30 minutes ago

Camera time!
Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro camera layout

Google is highlighting real tone again. I must say, the Pixel’s camera is still the best at capturing my skin color (and also my family’s) when compared to an iPhone. If the Pixel 7 improves on just this alone, it’s a solid update.

Google’s also focusing on the Pixel’s accessibility credibility. It’ll help people with blindness take better selfies with Guided Frame. Defintely a use case I never thought of which is precisely why it’s a Good Thing that it’s being added. People with disabilities are often being overlooked for fun features like this.

Michael Allison
36 minutes ago

Fixing phone calls and messaging

Google’s improving phone calls, for those who make them. Well, the Pixel 6 was notorious for issues with making phone calls, so hopefully the company also fixed the signal issues so that these AI issues like call screen and clear calling can get the appreciation they deserve. I snark, but they’re very useful!

Gretchen’s still trying to make Fetch happen. Er, I mean Google’s still trying to make RCS happen. Keep trying, you can do it!

Michael Allison
39 minutes ago

Speaking to your phone gets better

That’s something we love to do right? Well you can speak to you phone even better with Google Tensor G2, even with emoji.

Michael Allison
41 minutes ago

Face Unlock returns to Pixel

Google is finally bringing Face Unlock back to Pixel for the first time since the Pixel 4. It’ll work alongside the fingerprint sensor to help you unlock your phone faster.

Michael Allison
40 minutes ago

Google announces the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro
A variety of Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pros sit on a purple background.

Google has officially announced the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, the most refined Pixels yet. Google highlights their brighter screens, better cameras, and much better battery life (especially with Tensor G2 which Google says has been tuned to reduce power consumption. This was a personal beef of mine with the Pixel 6-series)

Michael Allison
44 minutes ago

Google highlights 5 years of updates

Pour one out for Pixel 4 owners, who just got their last update.

Michael Allison
44 minutes ago

iPhone Shade

Google’s talking about how it introduced car crash detection and always on display years ago without naming the dynamic elephant in the room.

Michael Allison
46 minutes ago

Free VPN for Pixel 7 owners

Google is offering a free VPN service for Pixel 7 owners via Google One rather than Surfshark. This means a lot of YouTubers are going to get sad if the Pixel 7 gets popular.

Michael Allison
47 minutes ago

Google’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are its most secure yet

Google’s new Titan M2 chip means that its newest Pixels are its more secure yet. Otherwise, uh. Well, the company’s also focusing on making sure that you know just how secure its phones are because a lot of the Pixel’s usefulness (health, live translate, AI messages) are tied to Google’s servers. The company needs to convince you that these are safe, otherwise you have no reason to buy a Pixel. It’s a convincing pitch.

Michael Allison
50 minutes ago

Everything’s recycled

In honor of Google recycling designs and concepts from 2018, it’s also leaning hard into recycled materials with its new Pixel line.

Michael Allison
51 minutes ago

Pixel Tablet (still on design)
Google Pixel Tablet.

Google’s talking about the Pixel tablet’s design and feel. It’s a good thing to fixate on, (because its looks are still…yeah.)

Michael Allison
53 minutes ago

Talking about the Pixel Watch now
All colors of the Google Pixel Watch.

Google’s honing in on the Pixel Watch’s look as an all day watch. It does look like something you can wear to a dinner (bezel complaints aside), and the selection of band, bracelets, and finishes means that you can pair your watch to your outfits. (Google’s particularly proud of the Lemongrass and Hazel hues its introduced)

Michael Allison
55 minutes ago

A focus on design
Google Pixel Family IO 2022

Google’s really focusing on design here in a way that’s Apple-esque. The company highlights just how well all its products look together. Both in hardware and in software.

Of course, we all know what’s coming, so there’s no need for Google to hide.

Michael Allison
52 years ago

Google (re)announces Tensor G2
Google Pixel 6 Pro tensor silicon

Google’s releasing a new Tensor chip with the Pixel 7, as expected.

Michael Allison
52 years ago

Rick Osterloh’s on stage

And he’s promising big things about the Pixel ecosystem, focusing on its helpfulness (and privacy, because no one trusts Google to be careful with data just yet)

It’s the same AI-spiel we’ve heard before, and Osterloh’s making sure to note that Pixel is a long-term investment. Curious why he’d note that.

Michael Allison
52 years ago

10am’s here!

It’s just about time to start (yes, I know, I’ve said it twice). Google’s playing this cool video showing off the Pixel Buds, Pixel Watch and its new Pixels.

Michael Allison
56 minutes ago

With just around 15 minutes to go, you can get ready for streaming Google’s event live!

Michael Allison
52 years ago

It’s almost time!

We’re quickly getting there. Google’s October 2022 event is set to kick off at 10:00 am ET — where we expect to see the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, and Pixel Watch in all of their glory. Stay tuned!

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