Reliable High Speed Internet Providers in Fort Myers

If you’re located in Fort Myers and looking for efficient high-speed internet providers, you’ve likely discovered a few options. CenturyLink, Xfinity, AT&T and Comlink Internet all are excellent choices, but what about providers that do not offer their services? For Fort Myers, competition is more intense than in other areas, making choosing a reliable provider more difficult. Below is a breakdown of the availability of broadband for Fort Myers.


For a cost-effective, reliable, and affordable high-speed internet provider for Fort Myers, look no further than CenturyLink. In addition, CenturyLink offers dependable internet service. It also provides home phone service as well as bundled services. CenturyLink’s Internet speeds can go 7 Mbps or more, and customers have access to the possibility of up to 10 call features along with 24-hour technical assistance. If you’re searching for reliable internet service in Fort Myers or want to improve your service, CenturyLink can help you find the right connection to meet your requirements.

Even though Fort Myers is a small city, there are a lot of internet service providers in the region. In reality, there are as many as 2.5 companies per census block. While that might not seem much, it’s sufficient to cause pricing competition. Fort Myers is the 31st most connected city in Florida, ahead of nearby North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, and Naples. CenturyLink is among the top favored company in Fort Myers, which is an excellent thing since it’s reasonably priced.


If you reside in a rural area like Fort Myers, Florida, you will likely have trouble obtaining high-speed or broadband. These types of technology require you to reside with a certain amount of other customers to be eligible for services. Copper DSL is the sole wired internet option available to Fort Myers residents, but it’s notoriously slow and less reliable the farther you’re from the center. This is the reason Viasat can help. Viasat offers the Viasat-2 service located in Fort Myers, which provides extremely high download speeds.

Although copper DSL lines can deliver speeds of up to 25Mbps, the service may be difficult to locate. However, rural satellite internet offered high-speed internet if other providers did not work. However, it came at a price. Rural users were hit by data caps that led to slower internet speed and high fees for exceeding data limits. But Viasat’s rural wireless internet service in Lee County is a welcome relief. It allows residents in the rural areas of Florida to work from their homes or attend online classes. Stream video and share huge digital files.


Xfinity offers three types of internet services, including fiber, cable, and DSL. The best plan for you depends on your use and the bandwidth you will require. Moderate usage, one Mbps download speed is enough. For those who use a lot for heavy usage, a 25 Mbps downloading speed is adequate. For Fort Myers, FCC guidelines suggest that the minimum download speed is between 5 and 25 Mbps.

Although CenturyLink provides the best reach within Fort Myers, it isn’t the fastest service. They run on a mix of DSL and fiber lines, and their speeds are comparable to the fastest across the nation. Xfinity provides more speed and offers all the services you need. If you’re searching for an internet service provider with high speeds for Fort Myers, choose Xfinity. You can stream your favorite television shows and catch up with your favorite sports or browse the internet on your smartphone or tablet.


Fort Myers, Florida, is a city. Fort Myers, Florida, provides a range of wireless and wired internet providers. The city has three wireless internet providers in the city and 12 companies offering wireless or wired residential broadband. The main connectivity to broadband in Fort Myers is provided by CenturyLink. Speed data available is measured at the Federal Communications Commission twice a year and then published after six months. This data could not reflect the latest updates. Two of the biggest companies are Viasat along with HughesNet.

If you’re searching for the most reliable high-speed internet service provider within Fort Myers, you should know a few aspects. The first is to check how fast you can access your internet service. 6Mbps may be adequate to stream high-definition videos; However, if you plan to use multiple devices, it is recommended to opt for 25 Mbps or greater. Also, think about the number of devices you’ll end up using.

Comlink Internet

Comlink internet is a well know wireless ISP in Fort Myers. They Provides unlimited high speed internet, which is very popular in the area. Comlink’s high speed internet plans are cheaper than others, with no sign of the contract.

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