How to Get More Followers on Instagram (the Real Way

1. Create a strategic Instagram marketing plan

You need a plan to make the most of any social network. However, just having more Followers on Instagram won’t make you an Instagram success. You must have a plan to gain followers connected to your business strategy.

Consider the reasons you want to increase your Instagram followers. What are you hoping to achieve? Perhaps you’d like to:

Increasing brand awareness

boost product sales

Drive traffic to your site.

These business-oriented goals will keep your Instagram account consistent. This will allow you to tell a compelling brand story, which appeals to new profiles and helps build (and maintain) a loyal following.

2. Define your target audience

Ask yourself questions about the people you want to reach.

  • Where are they located?
  • What are they doing for work?
  • How and when do they use Instagram?
  • What are their biggest challenges and pain points?

These questions will help you create the best Instagram content for the people who are most likely to give you a follow. This will help you stay focused on your target audience to ensure you consistently produce content that inspires them to follow you over time.

3. Establish a consistent brand story.

 You could showcase the achievements or lifestyles of your customers to help positively position your brand.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are; keeping your brand consistent is important.

Profile of The Millers Wife Custom Cookies (27.7k Instagram Followers)

4. Searches can be make more relevant by use keywords

People can only follow you on Instagram if they find you. Instagram’s text is not searchable. In reality, Instagram only has two fields that can be search: username and name.

Your Instagram username is your username This makes it easier to find you. You can use your brand name, or a variant of it, when people search for your brand.

You can name your child anything up to 30 characters. Keyword stuffing is not a good idea. However, it can be helpful to include the most relevant keyword in your name field to increase search engine discoverability.

Claudia Laroye, a travel writer (@thetravellingmom), includes the keyphrase “traveler” in her Instagram name.

5. To reach new users, use relevant hashtags

We said that your Instagram post text is not searchable. But hashtags do appear in Instagram searches.

People can find your content by using relevant hashtags after they search for it or click on it from another post. You can also follow hashtags on Instagram so that your hashtagged content might appear in the feeds of others who don’t yet follow you.

Although you can use up to 30 hashtags for an Instagram post, hashtags are more effective when they are high quality than quantity. You can experiment to find the best hashtags for your account.

Avoid hashtag gimmicks like #likeforlike or #tagsforlikes. These might give you a temporary boost of followers. This won’t help build an engaged, meaningful audience on Instagram.

Instead, use highly-targeted hashtags that are specific to your product or business. This is what stylist Dee Campling did in this #wfh photo.

6. Optimize your Instagram profile and bio

Non-followers account for two-thirds (33%) of Instagram business profile visits. All those new visitors can be new Instagram followers for free, but only if their bio and profile convince them to click on the follow button. If your profile isn’t clear, unappealing, or incomplete, they won’t click the follow button.

Your profile contains more than just the username and name fields. It also includes your website (a clickable hyperlink) and your bio.

Your bio should contain 150 characters. This will help you to communicate your brand identity and convince new visitors why they should follow your blog. What type of content should they expect?

You can add additional information to your profile if you have a business account (business, creator), such as your contact information, type, and business location. To give your visitors the best information possible, include all relevant fields.

7. Create a stunning Instagram grid

Although it may seem obvious, this is a crucial point to remember when you think about how to gain followers on Instagram. Each post you make on Instagram must be visually appealing and high-quality.

8. Make compelling and long captions

Even though Instagram is a visual platform, it’s important to write great captions for Instagram. This will help you increase your reach and engage more people. As you can see, engagement and reach are important factors in attracting Instagram followers.

These are key strategies to remember:

Place the most important words first. Users must tap “more” if the Caption is longer than 125 characters to view the entire thing. To get that extra tap, make sure you use the first words.

Ask a question. Your audience can leave comments by asking a question. This engagement will make your account more visible to more people.

Use emoji. Emoji are a great way to draw attention to your account on this visual social network.

You can experiment with different lengths of captions. Instagram allows you to upload long-form captions of up to 2200 characters. This will allow you to experiment with more in-depth storytelling, if necessary. If the visuals speak for them, ultra-short captions may be effective. Our data suggest that longer captions are more effective in increasing engagement.

Will Tang from Going Awesome Places posts amazing photos with captions that tell the Story behind them. This caption approach is perfectly in-line with his Insta bio, which describes him as a “creator of ridiculously detailed itinerary and guides,”

9. Pin your most memorable comments

You have a few options to use this feature in your strategy for increasing your Instagram followers.

You can use pinned comments to expand your Caption beyond the limit of 2,200 characters. Continue the Story in words.

You can also pin favorite comments from other users, especially when they generate a lot of engagement.

10. Promote your Instagram account via other networks

It is important to make it easy to find people on Instagram to gain followers.\

Your Instagram account should be easy to find. Tell them about your Instagram account if you have a following on another social media network.

Send a link to your Instagram account and give your social followers an incentive to visit it. You can also create an Instagram-exclusive coupon code or event.

You should start your Instagram account as soon as possible. Make sure you post content before you share the version. You should aim for at least 12 posts.

You can also highlight your top Instagram posts on other social media channels. These posts could be promot with paid advertising to increase your followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

11. Incorporate Instagram posts into your blog

This blog already contains embedded Instagram posts. Each embedd bar can be click to take users directly to the position or the Instagram profile.

Embedding Instagram posts on your blog is a great way to show off your content and drive traffic toward your Instagram profile. As we have already mentioned, every visitor to your Instagram account is a potential follower.

Let’s say, for instance, that this blog post was about LinkedIn Demographics. It’s not true, but we have a LinkedIn demographic blog. An infographic be included to highlight some of the most important demographic information.

You can embed Instagram posts with visual content such as photos, charts, or infographics whenever you post them to your blog.

12. You can re-share content.

When you think of content that can be use to illustrate your blog posts, consider content that others might enjoy sharing.

Sharing infographics is a popular activity. You can reach a new audience by having your Instagram posts embedd in their blogs.

You should also consider creating content people want to re-share on their Instagram Stories. Anybody can share your main feed posts within a Story. This is clickable, so anyone who wants to learn more can click through directly to the original post. This is another way to reach new audiences and potentially new followers.

Here’s an example of how the same Hootsuite post on LinkedIn demographics looks in my Instagram Story.

13. In other communications, share your Instagram account

When sharing your Instagram account, think beyond your social media channels.Link your Instagram account, email signature, and online newsletters on your website.A small Instagram icon can suffice.

You can increase your followers by including a small Instagram icon in your email signature. (Example).

A quick email blast with beautiful posts to promote a new Instagram account is a great way of gaining free followers quickly.

Don’t forget your offline materials. You can share your Instagram handle on coasters, packaging slips, packaging, and other materials. This is a great way to get more Instagram followers for free.

14. Use the Instagram nametag

Your Instagram nametag allows users to follow you by scanning a code instantly. As we mention earlier, even offline communication materials can be use to promote your Instagram account. An easy and effective way to promote your account offline is using the Instagram nametag. This can be use on packing slips, signage, and product packaging.

A nametag is a great way of gaining new followers at conferences and networking events. Your code can be scanne by people you meet to allow them to follow you without entering your handle. Print it and keep it in your name badge holder for easy access.

Tap on the three lines icon in the top right corner of your Instagram profile to find your Instagram nametag and select Nametag.

15. You want to be featur

Instagram feature accounts are accounts that curate and share other users’ content using a hashtag or tag.

16. Take a look at the Explore page

You will see the Explore page when you click the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the Instagram app. Instagram says this page is where you can “find photos and videos you like from accounts you don’t yet follow.”

The Explore tab displays Instagram Stories, Instagram posts, and IGTV. The Instagram algorithm first shows a grid of content. Then, users can choose to dig deeper into specific topics using the topic channels at the top of the screen.

Instagram accounts visit Explore half the time every month. This is a huge opportunity to increase your audience.

How can you get your content on the Explore tab? It’s not an easy task. We have an entire article to help you.

You can also pay to access the Explore feed by selecting Explore as an advertisement placement.

Bonus: Get a free checklist to show you the steps that fitness influencers took to increase their followers from 0 to 600,000.

Different examples of the Instagram Explore page.

17. Tag your location

A location tag is worth adding to any Story or post with a clearly defined location element. This is one way that people can find your content on Instagram.

If you have a physical business location, tag it and encourage your customers to do so. You can click on the area to view all Stories and photos posted at your restaurant, store, or office. This will help you to promote your brand (and Instagram account).

If you are posting from an event or conference, you can add your location to help you connect with other attendees. This will expose your account to a targeted audience of potential Instagram followers.

18. Tag relevant users

Instagram users can be tagg with @-mentions in the Caption or using Instagram’s tag functionality. You’ll notify them in either case.

Hootsuite Instagram caption tagging a Partner in the Caption (as an example of how to get more Instagram Followers)

Tag someone to encourage them to share the post with their followers. You will also see your post on their Instagram profile’s Tagged tab.

In your Instagram Stories, you can tag related users. They can then re-share the content of your Story in just a few taps. Everyone who views your Story will see your username and be able to click through to it.

Hootsuite Instagram Story that tags users (as an example of how to get more Instagram fans.

As you can see, we only recommend that you tag relevant users. It is not a good idea to order someone just for their attention. Tag only those people who appear in your photo or are pertinent to your post.

These are some users you might want to tag

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • You might also be interest in these other businesses
  • Employees and colleagues
  • Someone who has taught you something or shared information about something that you are sharing in the post

Anybody who appears in the photograph

19. Encourage others to tag and tag you

Asking other Instagram users to tag your account is another way to get your Instagram account out to new audiences. Their audience can see your handle when ordered in a post and click on it to find out more.

You can ask others to tag you on Instagram by writing your bio.

Followers on Instagram Visit the USA feature tag.

20. Follow the relevant accounts

You should not tag others in an Instagram post when the content is relevant to them. we can still follow any person you wish. It can also track other users on Instagram, and there is a good chance that they will visit your feed.

Your Instagram feed filled with compelling content relevant to their interests. They will likely return the favor.

Social listening can be a great way of finding relevant conversations about your brand. You can then easily identify influential users (a.k.a. Follow these influencers. It is a smart idea also to follow top users.

Use them in your stories to expose your hashtags and location features to others who don’t already follow you.

25. Interactivity is a great way to get involve

Instagram Stories offers many interactive features that can be use to engage users, such as polls, questions, and chat stickers.

In 90% of the Instagram beta campaigns, polling stickers increased three-second video views.

Use interactive features such as polls to increase your Instagram followers.

26. Take advantage of the Stories Highlights

You can use Stories Highlights to promote your brand to others who view your profile.

You can also make great use of your highlight photos. Porter Airlines does an excellent job with custom icons that feature their adorable mascot.

Porter Airlines Instagram Story Highlights show how to increase your Instagram followers by creating a clean profile.

27. Get involv in an Instagram Live collaboration

Live video is a growing trend on social media, and Instagram is the best place to use it. You can interact with your viewers through interactive features such as questions and comments. This will increase the engagement that can boost your reach.

Your brand’s Story will show in live videos. You can let the live video end, make it available for replay for 24 hours on your Story, or add it to IGTV. Live broadcasts are not announc to users by the accounts they follow. This ensures that live videos grab attention.

You can see your Live video by a new audience using the “Go live together with a friend” option. This allows you to host a live video alongside someone in your industry. Invite the other person to host a live video and invite you as a guest. You will be introduc to your followers by the two of you on a split-screen.

In the age of COVID-19, Instagrammers used this feature to host mini-talkshows. Design Emergency hosts a weekly Instagram live where they go live with a friend to interview design leaders. Wine Spectator hosts a series that features winemakers.

28. You can also try an IGTV series

Both series are available on Instagram Live. However, they can also be post to IGTV once the live conversation is over.

IGTV videos can last up to an hour, allowing you the opportunity to dive into specific topics. An IGTV series can be creat. This encourages viewers not just to watch a video but to follow you.

IGTV posts are four times larger than photos on the Explore tab. This makes potential followers more inclined to click on your content.

Hootsuite has created an IGTV series called Fridge-Worthy, A Very Serious and Prestigious Awards Program for Social Media. It awards brands for unique contributions to social media.

29. Make an AR filter

Instagram Stories can be edit with AR filters using Instagram Stories. Instagrammers use these photo effects to alter photos taken by their phones’ front and back cameras. Do you know those posts with puppy ears? These are make with an AR filter (Augment Reality). Those “which [vegetable/pizza/emoji/etc.] Are you? These posts also use AR filters.

Any Instagram user can create an AR filter. Your filters will be display in an area of your Instagram profile mark with a face icon. If the filter isn’t promotional or branded, it will be available in the Instagram Stories effects gallery.

How can creating an AR filter help me get more Instagram followers? Your account name will appear in the top-left corner of any AR filter. You can click it to drive more people to your profile.

30. Post regularly

Your followers are eager to see new content from you. This is why they started following you.We’ve mentioned that increased engagement means more algorithm love. Giving your followers something to interact with can boost your Instagram followers.

What frequency should you post? Tailwind’s analysis found that posting daily will grow your followers four times faster than posting once weekly.


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