Top 5 Reasons to Hire React Native app Developers

React Native app development has become the ideal solution for developing a high-performance mobile app for different platforms using the same codebase. Although, there are various technologies in the market to develop cross-platform mobile applications. However, React Native remains the most widely popular framework.
Thus, businesses often look for the best React Native app development company to work on their projects. In this blog, we are going to explore the top 5 reasons to hire React Native app developers. 

Before we begin counting the reasons, we should understand a bit about the React Native framework. 

What is React Native Framework? And Why It is So Popular? 

Facebook created React Native in 2015 as an open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications with the help of JavaScript programming language. Furthermore, it only relies on a single codebase to develop apps for various mobile operating systems. When you hire React Native app developers, you are able to develop apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms. 

The Popularity of the Framework 

React Native has quite established a dominance in the world of cross-platform app development. Furthermore, it relies on the very popular JavaScript programming language. This makes it really easy for the developers to work with React Native. The framework is dominating in the US as 15% of the installed apps among the top 500 apps have been created with React Native framework. In fact, React Native has become the third most famous framework after Kotlin and Android Studio. 

Top 5 Reasons to Hire React Native App Developers 

Easy to Find Quality Talent 

React Native works with the JavaScript programming language And, JavaScript has been there for ages, many developers are already the veterans of this language. Thus, it becomes a lot easier to find React Native app developers in the market at reasonable prices. In fact, developers find that it has a very intuitive UI and platform-centric design patterns. This makes the learning experience very easy for the developers. They can use their existing knowledge base of JavaScript to develop mobile applications. You can easily hire React Native app developers from a trustworthy mobile app development company. 

Superior Performance 

There is often a misconception that developers are able to provide the best performance when they are working on native apps. However, this is changing fast with React Native app development. When you hire React Native app developers, you can assure that you receive the best performance that could be even better than Native apps. However, this could only be done when you hire from the best React Native app development company. 

Cost-Effective Developers 

Since there’s an abundance of React Native app developers in the market, thus, you can easily hire React Native app developers at affordable prices. They will save a lot of time and resources usually spent on developing separate applications for iOS and Android platforms. The job market in React Native app development is very competitive. Thus, you can easily save a lot of money in the hiring process. 

Easy to Manage Developers 

When you hire React Native app developers from a mobile app development company, you can easily manage the entire mobile app development cycle. In fact, instead of having two separate development cycles, everything can be managed at once. Thus, you are able to get more time to focus on other business operations of your organization. 

Different Levels of Expertise 

The market is full of React Native app developers with different levels of expertise. Thus, you have the option to hire React Native app developers according to your budget and project complexity. When you collaborate with a mobile app development company, you have a pool of skilled developers to choose from. Furthermore, they have years of experience working with the framework and developing robust React-Native apps. Click here

Engagement Models That You Should Know 

There are different engagement models that you must know before you hire react native app developers to build a cross-platform mobile app. In any case, the best react native app development company can help you with the following models; 

Offshore Support Model 

In this model, the React Native app developers will be connecting with you remotely. Furthermore, together they will work on your project by using various communication and project management tools. 

On-Site Support Model 

In this model, the developers and engineers will be present on your office premises to resolve any issues instantly. 

Hybrid Support Model 

This model is ideal if you are having a long-term project on your hands. Hire React Native app developers and they will work on your project accordingly. 

Support Time & Material (T&M) 

In this model, you have the complete flexibility to pay only for the actual cost of the efforts and time given by the developers. In fact, they can be paid on an hourly basis to help you achieve better cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and control of the development process. 

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